Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government attaches great importance to the safeguarding of Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage (ICH) and strives to raise the Hong Kong community's awareness of the importance of ICH and the need to protect such heritage as our cultural assets. To further promote the safeguarding of ICH, the HKSAR Government approved a funding of $300 million in late 2018 for launching the ICH Funding Scheme to engage the community and strengthen various aspects of safeguarding work for the ICH of Hong Kong. The Funding Scheme is implemented and managed by the ICH Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). The Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee (ICHAC) has been consulted before formulating the scope and details of support.



Objective and Aims

The objective of the ICH Funding Scheme is to support citizens and organisations in Hong Kong in carrying out projects with a view to achieving the following aims:


  1. to strengthen the safeguarding, research, education, promotion and transmission of local ICH items;

  2. to support the transmission of ICH by local bearers and bearer organisations;

  3. to engage the participation of the community in safeguarding ICH; and

  4. to enhance public awareness and understanding of ICH and boost their respect for ICH.



Assessment Criteria

  1. the proposed projects comply with the objectives of the ICH Funding Scheme, are of cultural values and can effectively manifest the cultural substance of the related ICH item(s);

  2. the proposed projects demonstrate unique ideas / concepts, while the proposed forms of implementation are appropriate and feasible;

  3. the applicants possess the relevant knowledge and skills, and have good track records; and the personnel who will carry out or particpate in the projects include bearer(s) or members of bearer organisation(s) of the related ICH item(s), or those with the relevant cultural and artistic literacy or administrative ability, qualifications, experience or reputation; and

  4. the proposed projects are of social impact and benefit, including in the promotion, safeguarding and transmission of ICH in academia / schools or different communities / groups.

Equal weightings will be assigned to the above four assessment criteria.



Assessment Mechanism

The Sub-committee on ICH Funding Scheme (the Sub-committee) under the ICHAC will assess the applications in accordance with established criteria, guidelines and procedures. Upon receipt of the funding recommendations made by the Sub-committee, the LCSD will make the final decision pursuant to established procedures. Based on the Sub-committee's recommendations, the LCSD will determine the amount and conditions of funding support for approved cases. The LCSD reserves the ultimate right regarding the procedures and arrangements of the assessment of the ICH Funding Scheme.




The grantee shall show the logos of the LCSD and the ICH Funding Scheme in publicity materials and publications of the project as acknowledgement.



Press Release

Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme 2023 opens for application





Annual Report

Annual Report 2019 - 2020