ICH Talk: The Aesthetics and Sewing Craft of Cheongsam for Men and Ladies

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department
Organised by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office
Co-organised by the Hong Kong Museum of History


Over the past century, the cheongsam has gone through a full cycle of development in Hong Kong, from first emergence to prosperity, decline and revival. When cheongsam was first accepted as everyday wear, the style for women was not too different from that worn by men. But the female innate penchant for pretty looks soon made women's version move away from the plain cut and straight shape of men's robes. Cutting began to be more structured to emphasise shape and to create a sense of fashion. On the other hand, since men's cheongsam style has remained unchanged, the traditional T-cut with sleeve-and-shoulder in one piece has been retained to this day.


In this talk, the speaker will analyse the structure, form, aesthetics and sewing techniques related to this iconic Chinese garment to enable the participants to have a better understanding of the cheongsam culture.



Dr. Brenda Li (Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong; Doctor of Philosophy in Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, University of Oxford; expert researcher in cheongsam culture)


3 August 2019 (Saturday)


3 - 5 pm


Lecture Hall, G/F, Hong Kong Museum of History
(100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon)