Community-driven Projects

The Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office has launched the Community-driven Projects since 2019. Related individuals and organisations are welcome to propose meaningful projects and submit funding applications.



Scope of Support

The scope of support for Community-driven Projects covers projects related to the items in the Representative List and the Inventory of the ICH of Hong Kong.


In view of the circumstances in the development of local ICH and resources consideration, the ICH Funding Scheme will accord priority of support to the following projects:

  1. projects related to the items in the Representative List or the Inventory of ICH with an urgent need for preservation;

  2. projects with participation of bearer organisations / bearers of ICH items;

  3. projects that allow bearer organisations / bearers of ICH items and related stakeholders to participate in or to showcase works and techniques, as well as manifest the cultural substance of ICH items;

  4. ICH-transmission projects implemented or participated by ICH bearers or practitioners, especially training programmes in different forms to nurture bearers of the next generation;

  5. research projects that collect, record, preserve, collate, publish, broadcast, or disseminate through the internet the information of local ICH, including oral history, audio-visual recordings, documentaries and other information with preservation value;

  6. projects that promote or further develop ICH in communities or groups;

  7. projects that develop ICH educational resources or promote ICH education in schools;

  8. projects that allow young people to participate in or develop ICH; and

  9. other new projects to revitalise fading ICH items.




The application for the Community-driven Projects was closed on 15 February 2023.




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