Lost and Sound Exhibition Series I :
Hong Kong Festivals and Traditional Craftsmanship

Date: Starting from 14 April 2021



Free admission





The "Lost and Sound Exhibition Series I: Hong Kong Festivals and Traditional Craftsmanship" aims to showcase the continuous evolution of intangible cultural heritage over time as a symbol of cultural inheritance, and to re-interpret local traditional culture in an innovative way. Visitors can refresh their minds by hearing the sounds of traditional activities, and perceive the wisdom of our predecessors while chanting their words.


The intangible cultural heritage items are presented in the exhibition according to four types of sounds, namely "vocal", "instrumental", "physical" and "situational". These different aspects refer, respectively, to the sounds made by the throat, the clattering sounds generated by instruments during work processes, the sounds produced by body movements, and the noise of the hustle and bustle heard at different festive occasions. The exhibits include the crafts created by the bearers of intangible cultural heritage for different festivals, birthdays of deities, ancestral worship and the Jiao Festival, as well as the relevant materials and tools.


​The exhibition is also one of the activities in the Chinese Culture Promotion Series. The LCSD has long been promoting Chinese history and culture through organising an array of programmes and activities to enable the public to learn more about the broad and profound Chinese culture. For more information, please visit www.lcsd.gov.hk/en/ccpo/index.html.



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Exhibition pamphlet

Exhibition pamphlet