ICH Mobile Centre – "Mobile ICH" Public Programme

A new initiative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office, the ICH Mobile Centre - "Mobile ICH" – has toured many schools since May 2022 becoming a big hit among teachers and students. In the coming month, it will go into the community. Through specially designed activities, it will introduce to you the rich content of Hong Kong's ICH. Covering various aspects of our daily lives, ICH includes languages, music, dance, folk knowledge, festive events, customs and craftsmanship, etc.. With exhibitions and interactive installations, the ICH Mobile Centre incorporates learning into fun games. Come to join us and take selfies! Let's discover ICH together in the activities!






Free of charge

Programme details

http://cache.org.hk/blog/mobileichpublic/ (Chinese version only)


Whatsapp: 5208 3100

Email: mobileich@cache.org.hk