Indigenous Hong Kong - An Exhibition on our Intangible Cultural Traditions

(One of the Opening Programmes of "Hong Kong Week 2014@Taipei")


Date : 17 October - 2 November 2014 
Venue : 2 C&D, Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei

Presented by Hong Kong-Taiwan Cultural Co-operation Committee
In association with Hong Kong Economic, Trade and Cultural Office (Taiwan)
Supported by Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong Film Development Council
Organised by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum


The fantastic variety of our cultural traditions reflects Hong Kong as a metropolis with a unique breath of life. Hong Kong may be known for its fast-paced development and its urban cityscape, but at its heart lies many age-old customs, festivities, celebrations, folk religions, as well as traditional forms of arts and handicrafts. Thanks to the efforts of different local groups, including the Hakka, Chiu Chow, Hoi Luk Fung, and the fishermen community, many of these traditions have been preserved and passed on from one generation to the next over the past 100 years or so. Not only are they part of the shared history and memory of Hong Kong people, but they also continue to play a key role in our modern-day lives and culture.


Although Hong Kong is a small place in geographical terms, the life experiences of its people with their different ethnic origins and trades have contributed to a conglomeration of richly diverse customs with truly "indigenous" colours. The exhibition presents 13 items from the first intangible cultural heritage inventory of Hong Kong which cover the areas of performing arts; rituals, festive events, knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe, and traditional craftsmanship. Together, they reflect how different groups and communities have contributed to the development and preservation of the city's traditional culture.


With 13 "living cultural traditions" encapsulated in one exhibition, we invite you to explore the traditional side of life in Hong Kong and discover the interesting backgrounds that lead to what the city is today.


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