ICH Ambassadors Training Course 2018 – Young Eyes on ICH

Programme Highlights



ICH Ambassador Certificate Presentation Ceremony

End of the course! To commend our ICH Ambassadors for their hard work during the training course, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office held a certificate presentation ceremony to appoint them as ICH Ambassadors. The ICH Ambassadors are charged with the mission to promote the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, and to safeguard cultural heritage that is indigenous to our place.



Lesson 4

It was the last lesson of the programme. ICH Ambassadors returned to the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre (Sam Tung Uk Museum) to learn four items on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, including Mid-Autumn Festival - the Pok Fu Lam Fire Dragon Dance, the Sewing Techniques of Hong Kong-style Cheongsam and Kwan Kwa Wedding Costume, Nanyin (Southern Tunes) and Taoist Ritual Tradition of the Zhengyi School. At the Nanyin workshop, instructors from the art group "The Gong Strikes One" introduced participants to the instrumental accompaniments and vocabulary related to the art. Participants also learnt about the lyric structures of Nanyin through games before they sing together a fun and meaningful tune specially created around Sam Tung Uk. Upon course completion, participants would later receive their certificates of appreciation and officially become ICH Ambassadors to help passing on and promote the ICH of Hong Kong.



Lesson 3

You may have tried a basin feast, but do you know the "sek pun" tradition of New Territories villages is indeed a symbol of unification? A group of ICH Ambassadors visited Shui Mei Tsuen in Kam Tin, Yuen Long to learn about the tradition of basin feast. They had the rare opportunity to watch Mr. Tang Cheuk Kai, a member of the Tang clan, demonstrate the preparation of a basin feast. They also learned about the unique food culture of "sek pun", the tradition of sitting round and sharing food from the big basins, and experience the meaning of "sek pun" in uniting clan members in the New Territories. ICH Ambassadors next went to the Tang Ancestral Hall in Ha Tsuen, Yuen Long to learn about the rites, ceremonies and practices of the spring and autumn ancestral worship of clans from Mr. Tang Kwai Leung, a descendant of the Tang clan. ICH Ambassadors were very excited to try and experience this tradition first hand and to comprehend its meaning.



Lesson 2

During the second lesson of the programme, we took the classroom to Po Toi Island with ICH Ambassadors and immersed ourselves into the festivity of Tin Hau Festival. Seasoned scaffolding master Chan Yuk Kwong led ICH Ambassadors to appreciate the bamboo theatre for presenting thanksgiving opera performances built close to a cliff, to learn more about this native Hong Kong craft, as well as the building techniques customised for the geography. Mr Chau Hing Wah, the Curator of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office, walked ICH Ambassadors through the Tin Hau belief in Hong Kong and the Tiu Hau Festival, such that they could understand more about the characteristics and social significance of the traditional festival.



Lesson 1

Video highlights of the first lesson are ready for viewing! Want to learn how fun it is to make a paper craft lantern for celebrating the birth of a baby boy in the clan? Want to know how to make a smooth cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea? Check out in the video!