The Greatest Skills of Shu : Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sichuan Exhibition

(In association with "Genesis and Spirit: A Showcase of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sichuan")

Date   :   15-21 June 2012
Venue : Exhibition Gallery, Hong Kong Central Library

Sichuan, historically known as the "land of abundance", is rich in historical and cultural resources. Despite the devastating earthquake on May 12, 2008 which has killed thousands of people, the local residents carried on with their Sichuan traditions and continued to preserve and develop their unique culture. This exhibition showcases traditional craftsmanship of the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan, demonstrating the unrelenting pursuit of Sichuan residents in preserving the cultural diversity.


"The Greatest Skills of Shu: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sichuan" Exhibition is composed of 3 major parts: "The Chengdu Declaration" and "The Chengdu Initiative" both demonstrate the determination of the international communities in the safeguarding intangible cultural heritage (ICH), and the third part which presents the many Sichuanese traditional skills such as Kama Gazi Thangka, embroidery of the Qiang Ethnic Group and woodblock prints of Mianzhu. Eight ICH bearers perform live demonstration on items such as Karma Gazi Thangka, embroidery of Qiang Ethnic Group and woodblock new year prints of Mianzhu, as to show their splendid skills to the audiences.