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Tai O Dragon Boat
Water Parade

Tai O Dragon Boat Water Parade

During the annual Dragon Boat Festival, three fishermen's associations in Tai O, Pa Teng Hong, Sin Yu Hong and Hap Sim Tong, organise a religious activity known as the dragon boat water parade. On the morning before the festival, members of the associations row their dragon boats to visit four temples in Tai O, where they receive statues of Yeung Hou, Tin Hau, Kwan Tai and Hung Shing. They carry the deity statues back to their associations' hall for worship. On the day of the festival, the deity statues are put on sacred sampans towed by the associations' dragon boats to parade through Tai O's waters. After the ritual, the deity statues are returned to the respective temples in the afternoon. This unique religious activity has been inherited for more than a century. Tai O dragon boat water parade was inscribed onto the third national list of ICH in 2011.