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Hong Kong Week 2023@Bangkok — "Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Carnival" Exhibition



21 - 29 October 2023


10 am - 9 pm (Monday to Sunday)


Eden 3, 3/F, Central World, Bangkok

Presented by:

Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Organised by:

Intangible Cultural Heritage Office



Hong Kong Week 2023@Bangkok



"Hong Kong Week 2023" is held in an overseas city for the first time, and is set to grace Bangkok, Thailand. The Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Office has organised an exhibition on Hong Kong ICH in central Bangkok, and has invited Mr. Gary TONG as the guest curator, working collaboratively to showcase the cultural implications and uniqueness of the ICH in Hong Kong. The success of this exhibition is due to the support from the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Thailand, the ingenious ideas and efforts of the guest curator, as well as the invaluable assistance provided by the ICH bearers and bearer organisations.





Exhibition theme:

Being inspired by the vibrant and colourful features of Hong Kong's ICH, the exhibition takes on the form of a carnival with typical local flower board as the key visual, showcasing the variety of the charm of Hong Kong’s ICH, while encapsulating the very essence for Thai visitors in a festive and joyous atmosphere.



Exhibition design:

The exhibition, curated by the guest curator, Mr. Gary TONG, strives to offer a multi-sensory carnival experience, integrating creativity and playfulness into traditional culture. The vibrant and captivating colours draw inspiration from the five-coloured cloak of the unicorn, namely white, green, blue, red and yellow. The greeting "fēng tiáo yǔ shùn" (means "favourable weather and peace") on the cloak of the unicorn on display conveys to both Hong Kong and Thailand our best wishes for continued success and vibrancy.



Exhibition content:

In this exhibition, the resonance of festivities and cuisine serves as a cultural bridge, connecting the two places together. It features 13 representative ICH items, such as Flower Board Crafting Technique, Unicorn Dance, Lion Head Paper Crafting Technique, Nanyin (Southern Tunes), Cheung Chau Jiao Festival, and Hong Kong-style Milk Tea Making Technique, etc. Through graphic panels, interactive exhibits, video screenings, experiential handicraft-making activities, and live performances, the amusing displays allow the audience from different perspectives to learn about the lifestyle of Hong Kong and feel the distinctive charm of Hong Kong's ICH.



Selected ICH Items and Display Highlights:

Nanyin live performances were coordinated by The Gong Strikes One. "Love’s Yearning", "Burining Funerary Goods for His Love" and "A Wanderer’s Autumn Grief" were respectively presented by the vocals NG Man Ting, KWOK Kai Fai, and the musicians LEE Ka Him, TONG Hoi Wun.



Experiential Activities: